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Sterile Processing Consulting

With over 30 years of experience, Sterile Processing Direct can assist you in a variety of SPD related issues. Sterile Processing Direct has a team of consultants featuring Mark Duro CRCST, FCS - Director of Education can provide support and guidance in areas such as: 


  • SPD Design 

  • Workflow

  • Processing

  • Decontamination

  • Sterilization Practices 

  • Instrument Turnover  

  • Preventive Maintenance 

  • Staff Training


Sterile Processing Direct can also provide presentations for your facility or group on a variety of topics, such as:


  • Decontamination Basics

  • Sterilization Quality Assurance 

  • Surgical Instrument Inspection 

  • Assembly and Preparation

  • Productivity and Wokflow Improvement or any topic that your group would like focus on.


Sterile Processing Direct provides complimentary audits for our customers and offers departmental audits to enhance performance to current recommendations and standards.

Mark Duro CRCST, FCS Director of Education

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