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Type 5 Chemical Integrator

Integration condition calibrated with the kill time of a 10-6 Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores population, calculated in BIER (Biological Indicator Evaluator Resistometer). Conditions: saturated steam at 121 oC, 128 oC, 135 oC.

The product ensures an adequate control of the efficacy of sterilization processes (temperature, time, quality of steam).

To interpret results visually, use the reference found in the indicator. Optionally, the readout of the chemical indicator can be done using Trazanto Automatic Quality Control and Traceability System (see instructions for use in device ́s manual).

Environmental conditions during manufacture

T = 15-30 oC, RH = 30-80 %.

Storage conditions

T = 10-30 oC, RH = 30-80 %, keep out of direct light.

250 Indicators to a pack.

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