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Ultra Violet Inspection Tool

Tired of getting calls from the OR because they found Bone, Lint or Hair in a set? 

Sterile Processing Direct's UVIT(Ultra Violet Inspection Tool) can help! This device emits a low frequency ultraviolet light that can detect the following:

Bone - Helps discover bone or debris that may have been missed on visual inspection.

Lint - Lint and other types of particulates stand out when the UVIT is used to do your final inspection. These foreign materials will pop out to a bright white that is now easily detected by the eye. This is also a great tool to use if you are inspecting reusable linen or towels!

Hair - Hair is something that just happens sometimes.

If you incorporate the UVIT into your daily final inspection all the foreign debris listed above can be seen easier.

What you get:

  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS - 390-395nm UV Flashlight has 108 Super Bright LEDS to illuminate brighter than other flashlights

  • HIGH QUALITY - From the aluminum casing to the high intensity LEDs, quality you can feel and see

  • SAFETY GLASSES - Comes with UV glasses which protect your eyes

Sterile Processing Direct can also provide remote training for your new inspection tool.

Call us or email us today for details!

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